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Texas Style Charcuterie Board • Cutting Board

Texas Style Charcuterie Board • Cutting Board

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All things Texas Charcuterie Board

This charcuterie board will surely get some laughs and smiles at your next gathering!

Organic Bamboo Cutting Board measures 17” x 12” x 1” and is laser engraved.

Gift ideas include: Birthday, Wedding, Christmas, Housewarming, New Home, Engagement, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Realtor Closing Gifts. (Contact me for bulk pricing)

• This cutting board can be used for cutting fruits, meat, bread, baked goods

• Extremely light yet very durable bamboo construction makes it hard to scar a bamboo cutting board with a knife and at the same time its soft nature does not damage or blunt your knives

• This cutting board is perfect for any home cook or professional chef

• Use the right sanitation procedures to clean your bamboo cutting boards by using warm water and soap or a dilution of bleach and water

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